What is ÖKO

Pronounced “ooko,” ÖKO means “eco” in Swiss German, where the idea for our advanced filtration water bottle and its application was originated. ÖKO takes the concept of eco-friendly water container one step further with NASA derived filtration technology, packaged in smartly designed BPA free water bottles with a super-light, high tech blend of materials - ensuring that you’re always drinking safe, pure, potable water in style. It’s the ideal choice for everyday use, travelers, adventurers, hikers, yogis, runners, and anyone who needs convenient access to clean, clear, crisp water. And with 3 sizes, 6 designer colors, and 3 levels of filters, it’s easy to have the ÖKO bottle that’s right for you.

ÖKO In Action

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ÖKO Upstream Valve

ÖKO Filtration Water Bottles

ÖKO’s patented water bottles are made from a customized blend of plastics that have passed stringent SGS testing for FDA food contact safety. The bottle cap is made of Tritan®, a BPA-free clear hard plastic renowned for its durability and clarity that allows the user to see water filtration in action as you drink. The bottle’s body is made of an ultra-light polypropylene material used popularly in food storage containers worldwide. Our semi-soft nozzle and washer create functional accents and the contoured shape makes the bottle easy to grip. The Ö-ring carabiner is used to carry or hook the bottle onto a bag. These features, combined with the versatility provided by your filtration make ÖKO the best water bottle in its category. ÖKO bottles are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. See manual for care instructions.

ÖKO Filters & How They Work

ÖKO offers three bottle filtration levels. All three produce superiorly efficient filtration with a powerful flow. Our patent-pending Upstream Valve™ returns any backwashed fluid into the “unfiltered” water area for re-filtration and to ensure that every sip is pure, fresh & clean.

ÖKO Level-1 filter is carbon based and it is designed to effectively reduce present chlorine, taste and odor while providing crisp and clean tap water. This filter emits the fastest water flow with effective filtration.

ÖKO Level-2 filtration, originally developed through a NASA grant for space stations, is now available for consumer use. Simply put, it is the state-of-the-art in water filtration technology.
In addition to a 2 micron pore size, the material utilizes a positively charged electro-adsorption (attraction and retention) process to draw and trap harmful agents much smaller than its pore size. Charge fields, activated upon water contact extend 1 micron each to virtually close the pore to any intruding agents. ÖKO level-2 filter lab tests reflect removal of 99.994% of e-coli, 99.9999% of cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia, the most commonly found bacteria and microorganisms in lakes, streams and international water sources.
A stack of over 400 such pores in the 0.8mm thickness of the filter create a “tortuous path” which a harmful agent would have to travel through in order to make it across the filter membrane. For detailed chart of the OKO Level-2 filter performance click here.

ÖKO Level-3 filter is designed and produced on a customized basis and in large volume only for treatment of known contaminants with pre-determined saturation levels in a given body of water. In addition to level-2 filter system, the level-3 filter includes necessary media enhancements to create a system appropriate for extreme environments. The level-3 filter is not for sale at retail level.

For additional information and worldwide water condition see ÖKO & Safe Water.