The lifespan of your filter greatly depends on the quality of the water you filter through it. The more contaminated the water, the shorter the life of the filter. We suggest you change it every 50 gallons for best tasting water, but it should be fine for up to 100 gallons with most tap water. Based on 100 gallons of water, you will get:

  • ÖKO-500 (0.50L) Small Bottle – 700 Refills
  • ÖKO-750 (0.75L) Adult Bottle – 580 Refills
  • ÖKO- 1000 (1L) Jumbo Bottle – 375 Refills

As a general rule, if water does not look clear, taste clean or if the flow seems to be slower than usual, the filter should be replaced.

We recommend keeping bottle & filter separate to air dry.

To use a new filter or to replace an old one, prime it by running a full bottle of water through it before its first use. This will clean out any possible carbon particles and residue and prepare the filter for use.

ÖKO Original filters work with all ÖKO Original bottles regardless of size and color.

ÖKO bottles are designed for filtering and drinking water. You can use the bottle without the filter to drink juices or your favorite drinks, but it is not recommended for hot beverages. Make sure to rinse the bottle thoroughly before you use it again with the ÖKO filter. Juices or beverages other than water damage the filters.

Sugar, salt and other substances present in juices, tea and other beverages clog up the filter quickly and will damage it permanently. You may, however, use the bottle without the filter for drinking any beverage, but be sure to rinse it well before reinstalling the filter.

Don't! Unlike basic, simple carbon filters, the ÖKO filter media is made of a high-performance and sensitive material. Subjecting the filter to harsh detergents, soapy or hot water will not only loosen its pores and reduce its performance level but may impair its function permanently.

Depending on how hot your dishwasher gets, the bottle is machine washable. NOTE: the filter is NOT machine washable and will be permanently damaged if put through a dishwasher. To extend the life of your water bottle, we recommend washing by hand to avoid potential damage, especially to the threads that screw the cap on. To wash the water bottle, remove the cap (and the filter), place in dishwasher top rack, or use lukewarm water and light detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if needed.

If you purchased your bottle prior to September 2017, your bottle cap should have a seal inside. To wash the cap, you should disconnect the filter and Ö-ring carabiner, hand-wash the cap with mild detergent. Be careful that the seal inside the cap does not slip out.

You may return a defective product to us for replacement within 30 days of purchase. Please use the Contact ÖKO link for further instructions. Due to the nature of the product and health and hygiene issues, we do not offer refunds. Please see ÖKO warranty below :


ÖKO warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of our products for a one year period from the date of purchase. Warranty does not cover damage due to use, misuse or abuse of products. It also does not cover damage from use other than specified in the product brochure (included with each product). Due to potential exposure to protozoa, bacteria and viruses ÖKO reserves the right to refuse returns of used products. 

You may order extra ÖKO parts on this website. We normally respond to parts requests within 48 hours.

Visit this link for instruction :

No problem. Just click on PDF below to download.  

1- Empty the tank.

2- Place a bowl under the outlet and press “MAX” to discard all the remaining water from the machine

3- Disconnect the machine from electricity and reconnect after 30 seconds

4- Press and hold “TEMP” and “Lock” buttons until you hear 5 beeps.

5- Fill tank with water and wait a few minutes until machine has a chance to filter some water and get ready for dispensing.

6- Press “TEMP” for desired temperature, press “”LOCK” for safety release and then “OUTPUT” to dispense.