Game - Changer From Outer Space

Onboard the International Space Station (ISS) systems collect and recycle moisture using a filtration technology developed for NASA. A technology that transforms even urine and sweat into potable water for the ISS crew members. This game-changing material filters bacteria, pathogens, viruses, and much, much more. Through NASA’s Technology Transfer Program (SPINOFF), it is made available to us so everyone can enjoy its benefits here on earth too!

Our Original Filter

Less than a millimeter in thickness, the filtration media is activated when exposed to water. Using electroadsorptive technology on a bed of microscopically pulverized carbon, the material attracts and retains negatively charged particles and a host of contaminants lurking in waters around the world.


EPA and NSF approved lab tests show substantial retention of a variety of waterborne contaminants lurking in sources around the world.

Nozzle Cap

Retractable Soft-Bite Mouthpiece

Metal Carabiner

Carabiner Retainer

Strap slot (strap not included)

See-thru Tritan® Cap

NASA® Derived Technology Filter and Assembly

Self-sealing Bottle Top

Thin Wall Polypropylene Bottle • FDA Food Safe Compliant • SGS Tested Non-Toxic • Temperature Resistant to Prevent Leaching & Odor

Ribbed Contours for Fast Rebound After Squeezing Available in 550ml & 650ml

How the Original Filter Works

Using an electro-adsorption process the filter material activates when exposed to water. Its pores expand and it attracts negative particles trying to pass through like a magnet, while allowing clean water to pass through with ease.

Typical Level-2 Filter Pore

Typical L2 Filter Pore During Active Electro-adsorption

ÖKO Filter-Sure™ Technology

Our patent pending FilterSure™ feature forces any backwash through a valve and back into the bottle to be refiltered. This process not only assures you that the filter is sealed and working properly, but prevents you from drinking contaminated water.
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When You’re Serious About Water Filtration

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